Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Scrapping with Digital Ribbons - So Fun!

Ribbon Folding 101
Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial by Beth Price,
Creative Team Member

Beth Price

Many times in a digital kit you’ll receive a strip of ribbon that coordinates with the papers. You can quickly turn them into folded ribbons or cut ribbons using the following quick ideas

To fold a ribbon

1. edit and copy a small section of the ribbon from the strip you’re given in the kit.
2. duplicate it so that you have 2 copies. Rotate the top layer and match the end.

3. Add a staple and you’re almost done. But we need some depth and texture to make it look real.
4. I like to color in the folded area with the pencil tool, in a shade just darker than the color of the ribbon.

5. Then you can smudge and decrease the opacity to get a shaded look.

6. And you have a folded ribbon!

To trim the ends of a ribbon

1. Select the Polygonal Lasso Tool
2. Be sure you are on the ribbon layer, and from a corner of the ribbon, either draw a straight line or triangle to imitate a diagonal cut. Delete. Repeat on the second layer.

3. Add drop shadows and you are done!

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melanie said...

Awesome! Ribbons with patterns would be just great to use but folded. Love your inspiration!

Dee said...

Thank you soooo much...what a great mini tut...keep them coming..I will definately use this one. I am thrilled. I am printing this one out. Hugs, Dee 8^)

Sue K. said...

this is a great idea! I'll definitely be using this.