Tuesday, April 17, 2007

12-Minute Hybrid Card Instructions

Add Ribbon to Hybrid Cards
Plus Masking Tips from Maggie Lamarre, Creative Team Member

Ribbons are such an excellent accent piece. They are the perfect little earring. They can add sparkles, a touch of whimsy.

This ribbon adds a little bit of sparkle to this card, I use it as a runner. It is ok to have a little bit running off your lay out.

Supply use
Ribbon Offray, cardstock from the paper company 8.5x11
Brads Joann etc.
Silk Flower
Pop dot glue

I found this tut for the masking off the someone blog a while back, I added a digital spin to it. Let’s begin.

  1. Supplies needed:Heat gun, ink pads of your choice, cardstock of your choice. Stamps, Masking tape.
  2. Select the width oof the first layer and cut the cardstock.
  3. Mask the card with the tape until it‘s completely covered.
  4. Then ink with your first colour then use a heat gun slowly not to melt the tape.
  5. Apply a second coat and heat again.
  6. Now apply your decorative stamps and heat again,
  7. Apply another stamp if desired.
  8. Then heat again
  9. At this point tape the card to a cardstock,
  10. open your graphic software or windows
  11. Type your sentiment in my case it was “Thank you”

12.Add flowers and add brad to secure, then add the ribbon to the left side of the card
leaving ½ an inch hanging on the bottom and adhere.
13. Cut another complimentary cardstock and use a decorative edge scissors 1.5 into the top
part and cut away.
14. Mount both layers to the cardstock.

Voila you are done the whole process took 12 minutes to accomplish.
We would love to see any cards you have made using this process or any comment.
Gave fun, create your Art.

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