Monday, October 01, 2007

It's Party Time! Celebrate EDS Turning One Years Old

Hi all! I'm Julie Ann Shahin and one year ago today I debuted the Everyday Digital Scrapbooking Idea Blog with the help of my fabulous Creative Team. Join us all week as we celebrate our first ever birthday. Add to our party by linking your blog in our comments section.

The 50th person this week to add a link to their hybrid or digital tutorial will receive an extra special RAK.
Please add your link in our comments section. At the end of the week one of these persons will be awarded the title of Guest CT member for the EDS Blog for November, December and January!

Be sure to party and mingle with all those linking our blogs. I'm very excited to share with you a piece of birthday cake made by our own Sarah B. Meyer! All the items in that layout above will be in our big free kit that you will get at the end of this week if you are signed up for the newsletter! (except the stitching).

This kit has been created by Sara Amerie, Amy Duquette, Beth Price, Di Hickman, Julie Ann Shahin, Julie Kelley, Maggie Lamarre, Michele Ciola, Sarah B. Meyer, Sue Kristoff, and Susan Rodgriguez.

Help our blog party run smoothly - it will be most helpful for you to leave a comment on this post, link to your blog, tell us where you live and I will be updating this blog with those links. At the end of the day if you do not see your blog listed, but you have left a post - please email me at

So back to our party! I'm so glad you could join us. Take a look around and then join us for cake!

After you've mingled a bit....let us show you the first of our birthday-themed tutorials we are sharing this week!

Party Bag Toppers by Susan Rodriguez, Creative Team Member

For this tutorial I will be creating Party Bag Toppers. This would save you a lot of time if you had lots of little ones or older ones coming over for the big day.

Create an image that will fit on your party baggie. I am creating mine at a 4 x 8 resolution at 300. When creating your baggie topper make sure you make a mental note of where your crease will go. If you are creating an image both on the front and back of your baggie topper, your front image should be create anywhere between the 4.25 & 8 inch marks. The back of your baggie will be created anywhere between the 0 and 3.75 inch mark. I am leaving a .5 inch allowance for the fold.

Have fun with creating the front.

Remember for the back of the tag you will have to create your image upside down. I rotated my canvas at 180 to make this easier. Click on Image – Rotate Canvas – 180.

I had a lot of fun creating this party bag topper. Here is my completed image.

Print image on heavy card stock or glue on to heavy cardstock and staple on to baggie. I think your guest will get a kick out of this. Plus imagine all the time you will save!!

Please visit the blogs of our Creative Team:

Amy Duquette
Beth Price
Di Hickman
Julie Ann Shahin
Julie Kelley
Maggie Lamarre
Michele Ciola
Sarah B. Meyer
Sue Kristoff
Susan Rodriguez


Bucket said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Who is that adorable little girl on the party bag toppers? LOL.... OK who wants a baggie, I really can't eat all that candy by myself. LOL.. then again maybe I could.

cpbunch said...

Happy Birthday EDS!!!! ME ME ME! I want Candy and eat my cake too. This is going to be a blast!

Pass the napkins please. . :)

Julie Kelley said...

Happy Birthday EDS!! Love the party bag toppers! Brilliant!!!!

Maggie said...

Happy Day EDS...
It has been a blast and many more...

Colleen E said...

Happy Birthday Julie Ann and all the girls! Love your site and happy you began this journey. Your cake, etc., is just too cute (and yes, Bucket, you could probably eat all that candy or die The kit looks amazing - thanks for all you do for us. Here's my blog:
Colleen xo

yezenia said...

VERY cute baggie toppers Bucket!

Di Hickman said...

Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday EDS!
Happy Birthday to us!

and many more!!!!

wooohoooo! PARTAY!

Cindyg said...

Happy Birthday to all of you wonderfully talented girls at EDS! LOVE that cake!!!

Beth said...

I love a good party!
Happy Birthday EDS! Pass the party bags please.

KSmith said...

Yeah JA you are so inspirational! Happy birthday (why didn't you tell us this past weekend) I love cake, hehe!

Juls said...

Happy Birthday! And how cute is that bag topper. I can totally use those!!

You all do a great job!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

I'd sing but I really don't want to run everyone off! lol

my blog

Aimeslee said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Congrats on conquering this digital toy!
I wrote you this poem, it may annoy,
But just laugh loud and do enjoy!

big groan, LOL, Happy One, girls!

Aimeslee Was Here blog

Sharon said...

Has it really been a year already? Congrats, ladies! Love those goodie bag toppers - may have to do this for Halloween :) Thank you!

My blog:

RitaS said...

Happy Birthday! Very cute party bag topper Suzbucket!

Jennifer said...

What a great week EDS Birthday, my ds birthday and my birthday! Woo hoo what an exciting week! Happy Birthday EDS! Thank you for all the great gifts you give us all year round.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!! LOVE the tutorial! I have had you bookmarked for months now and always look for inspiration here!