Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Information for those trying to download our newsletter kit

I've received a few notes about problems downloading the kit.

1. I labeled the parts of the kit WRONG!

  • It looks like you download kit #1 but then when you open it, it's labeled #2.
  • DON'T WORRY! You did get part #1 but I put the wrong label on it.
  • Ignore the numbers. If you downloaded all 8 parts, you have the whole kit.
  • Check what you downloaded and have inside those folders against this Content List. You will see you have all the parts.
  • Part 8 = Terms of Use: Go here and then download by clicking on "Here is Terms Of Use"

2. The download is taking a long time or I can't connect.
  • Since this is such a big kit and I don't have a server, it's through and takes a bit longer than you are used to
  • Keep trying
  • Come back at a less busy time and try again - such as evening or early morning
  • Try a different browser if you are having trouble connecting- maybe IE or Mozilla/Firefox
If you are still having problems, have a question, or would just like to share a creation you made with the kit - please contact me at

Julie Ann Shahin, Founder

1 comment:

Maisie_D said...

Wow! I am so bummed!
I missed your birthday kit!
just started a new job, and I haven't been checking e-mails for the newsletter. Maybe next birthday, huh?
It looks gorgeous. You ladies did an excellent job!