Thursday, October 11, 2007

Creating a Realistic Digital Embellishment is Just a Few Clicks Away

Creating A Realistic Embellishment is

Just a Few Clicks Away with Actions

How To By Maggie Lamarre,

Creative Team Member

Supplies Used
Tracy King Buttons Action
(These actions are for Photoshop only- not valid for other software)

What I love about Tracy King’s actions is the ability to modify the elements as you are creating them, such the bevel and the shadows to your preferences..

Let’s begin
  • Download the action and install into a folder.
  • In Photoshop go to windows select actions
  • Then on the action fly out menu click on the triangle, select load action and select the folder the Tracykingbutton ATN action.
  • Open the paper you want to use for the button, then select the action and select play.
  • During the action it will pause and let you modify the bevel.
  • Then next is to modify the shadow.
  • I usually create my shadows manually with a paint brush for a more realistic shadow..
Voila you are done..

This button was included in the EDS Blog Birthday Bash Kit from October 7th EDS Newsletter.

Have fun, create your ART
from Maggie Lamarre

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Florescent Jellybeans by Tracy King said...

Wow Maggie! I am flattered and thrilled that you chose one of my actions to use for this. I do love creating them so it makes my heart happy when people like them and find them useful!

Tracy K.

AnneMarie said...

cool! thanks for the tip

Maggie- I am looking for Michele Ciola... do you know where she is hiding out lately?? I was at TSB with her.. remember?