Sunday, October 07, 2007

Show Us Your Layouts with Our Kit!

We invite you to create something with our kit in today's newsletter and link us up! We would be so honored to see your creations.

Note: I labeled some of the folders wrong so at first glance it appears you receive Part 2 twice. Once you unzip it though you will see that you have all the parts.

Inside the first folder:
Layout Samples
Sara Amerie Paper
Word Art

Inside the second folder:
Amy D. Scalloped Paper

Inside the third folder:
Amy D. Solid Paper
Julie K. Paper

Inside fourth folder:
Sara Amerie paper (oops - you can delete the repeat)

Inside fifth folder:
Di H.'s Paper

Inside sixth folder:
Julie Ann's Felt Alpha Stickers
Sarah B. Meyer's Alphabet
(if you get both alphabets 2x's you can delete one set of each)

Inside seventh folder:
Maggie's Paper

I'm so very sorry for the confusion - this was my first time ever putting together a collaberation kit let alone making elements. I appreciate your patience and comments! :)

Julie Ann, Founder


Jennifer said...

Thank you for this awesome kit! I am having a problem downloading. Is anyone else? I am trying to download through my newsletter and it keeps saying unable to connect. TIA

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Hi Jennifer,
Have you tried using different browsers such as IE or Mozilla/Firefox? Not sure if that would make a difference. Some have said that the download is slow but that it works.
Let me know if you need more help.

Julie Ann