Monday, September 10, 2007

Using Flowers Outside the (flower) Box

Using Flowers Outside the (flower) box by Beth Price, Creative Team Member

Last year I had beautiful iris in the spring. One rainy spring day, the sun popped out and I took some really cool close-ups of my iris while they were wet with rain.

I then worked with my crop tool and opacity tool to create the background you see in the layout below!

Its really not difficult.
Select a square or rectangle area within your high-res photo and copy it to a new document.
Adjust the opacity until you’re pleased with the subtlety.
I also applied a sanded overlay on top of the background, then adjusted the opacity of the overlay also.
You can play around with saturation as well, if you feel the colors are still too intense.

I really wanted those rain drops to show! I love this page – because I know they were my own flowers.

That’s it. Take a few shots of your fall sunflowers and asters. Large flowered leaves do work best. Or maybe pumpkins… how cool would that look!

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