Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Subtle Ways to Add Flowers to Your Project

Subtle Ways to Add Flowers to Your Project By Michele Ciola, Creative Team Member

Designing with flowers can sometimes be frustrating especially if you are a flower lover like myself and tend to get a bit carried away! Here are a few subtle tricks for you to still use those floral intensive patterns and elements without loosing focus on your photos.

One way to use a very intense floral patterned paper is to cut it down in size. For example, in the layout below, I used a 1 strip of this beautiful paper by Michelle Underwood. The hardest part for me was selecting which section of the paper I wanted to use.

Once I had the selection in place, I also changed the opacity of the paper to add more subtlety. Simply adjust the opacity by first making sure the paper layer is selected and then change the percentage of opacity at the top right of the layer palette.

You can use the drop down button to activate the slider bar for your adjustment or you can simply type in a percentage. For the example layout, I adjusted the opacity to .
If you still have the urge to add more flowers, you could try adding an element that is similar in shape to a flower. Try to look for different elements that resemble a flower to get that certain look you are after.

I happened to use an asterisk as a makeshift flower. It still had the shape I was after and most importantly it was very subtle. By placing it in a non-prominent area, the asterisk blends in more and lends itself more to being a flower.
So go out there and look at your flowers in a different ways. Try to come up with unique ways to display them and most importantly have fun with them.
Can t wait to see what you come up with!

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