Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Get Green with this Freebie!

Add Some Greenery to Your Spring Layouts!

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial

by Sue Kristoff, Creative Team Member

Green grass is certainly a welcome sight when spring time rolls around. Here is a fun embellishment that you can add to your spring layouts to give a dash of outdoor fun plus we are offering it as a freebie.
  • I created this border using a brush built into Photoshop PS2.
  • This particular brush automatically varies the size, color and orientation of the blades of grass as you apply it to give a lifelike representation of greenery.

Download your freebie grass element here: (please leave a comment if you download)

Layout Credits:

All papers and elements by Sponsor Kim Hill for CG Essentials (
Font: Bogusflow
Title Foam Stamp Action: Atomic Cupcake (
Grass Element: Sue Kristoff for Everyday Digital Scrapbooking Blog (

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Christina said...

Thank you for the freebie! Adding grass to a picture of Peeps is a great idea. I buy Peeps every year because it is tradition. I don't like how they taste (tho the orange cream flavored eggs that I bought in addition to regular Peeps were ok.)

Beth said...

Nice grass! Thank you. ;)

Kristine said...

Thank you for the freebie!

scoobie81 said...

Thanks so much!!! Can always use some greenery!

Cherry47 said...

Thank You so much for this freebie. I am so excited when I get something new. I can't wait to use it. Keep up the good work.

cathy said...

Thanks so much for the grass freebie. It is so realistic looking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the freebie. It looks great. Tara

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the grass. I've only been doing this for a few weeks so it is great when I get something new to work with!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Much

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the freebie :)

pjscraps said...

Thanks for sharing the great grass.