Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday's Tutorial

Spring Is In the Air!
Spring Embellishment Tutorial
by Maggie Lamarre, Creative Team Member

Creating a unique element is just a Bernina away. I had no idea sewing machines was so advanced. I scanned a doodle my daughter made into my mom sewing machine and have this wonderful embroidery.

Let's begin
To create this embelishment I obtain the embroidery as stated above, added fabri tac and rhinestones to create these unique elements.

After creating the element there are two ways you can upload by scanning which I will suggest putting a black cloth around it or taking a picture of it in natural lighting.

Other ideas is to change the color of the flower by changing the hue and saturation.

Supply used

Sponsor: Rikki scraps Transportation kit elements tag, square jewel
Flourish breeze kit at

Have fun,create your ART!

If you are inspired to create your own spring embellishments, please let us know!

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