Monday, April 30, 2007

Creative Embellishments for Spring Pages All Week

Creative Embellishments for Spring Pages


Digital Scrapbooking Tips by Beth Price,

Creative Team Member

A Frame can add structure to a page - it’s a great way to add edges to a page that has no pattern paper. And using a Frame within a Frame is also good for creating depth.

Here I used the opacity tool to create many layers of photos on top of each other. After I had the photos where I wanted them on the page, I decided I wanted to create some structure around the photos - and frames are an easy and fast way to do that.

First I dropped Anna Aspnes’ frame on top of my photo down at the bottom. I also adjusted the opacity of the frame’s layer so it blended well with the photo. And adding the frame helped the photo feel grounded, not falling off the page.

Then to give the whole page some continuity, I added a large frame from Christine Borgfeld around the border.

Supplies for the layout:

Katie Pertiet: pattern paper (Sunprints 3 Dirty White), Sunprints 3 brush (floral stamps)

Anna Aspnes: Fotocorners B (small frame)

Christine Borgfeld: large frame (Watercolor Scribbles)

Font: Elise (title)


Nikki Workman said...

Beth, you rock star, I love this tip!

Amanda said...

I LOVE the frame/border you've used!! I was googling for frames and came across this. And the quote... so cute. Did you come up with that? Did you hear it somewhere? I sew and sell little girls clothing and I'd love to borrow that quote!! :-) get back with me.