Thursday, October 12, 2006

How to Alter Photos and Hybrid Scrapbook: Tutorials and Resources

Our creative team member, Andie Smith, says that hybrid scrapbooking is "the best of both worlds!" You can see how Julie Ann achieved a unique look for her photo with a few simple digital steps. For more inspiration on combining your computer skills with paper scrapbooking, purchase the Designing with Digital book from Autumn Leaves.

Hybrid Scrapbooking and Altered Photo Tutorial
by Julie Ann Shahin,
Creative Team Member

Title: Shabby (click on image to enlarge)
1. Open photo in PSE.
2. Add a layer and fill with white.
3. Add a new layer for text and type in text with Impact font.
4. Make sure white fill layer is selected.
5. Hold ctrl key down while you click on the thumbnail of text layer, which will form dancing ants around the text.
6. Click ctrl-x to delete the text from the white layer.
7. Delete the original text layer.
8. Adjust opacity of white layer to taste.
9. Print photo and adhere to your layout.

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