Friday, October 06, 2006

Digital Image Pro Layout Tutorial and Page Sketch

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial and 2-page Sketch by Beth Price,
Creative Team Member

Beth's How-to: This layout was created using Digital Image Pro

1.Start with a canvas formatted to 6x3 (easier on your computer's processor) or 12x6.

2.If you like the divided look you can add the overlays to outline each page, or stretch it to fit the longer length.

3.Open paper from kit, insert a shape and copy and paste it to the canvas. To create the text boxes, choose Insert, Shape, and Square. Size the square into the text box shape you want, then add an overlay for the inked edge. You'll have to shrink the overlay down quite a bit.

4.To create the shaped text "XOXO" in Digital Image Pro:

- Go to the Text menu and choose shaped text.

- Select the rainbow (semi-circle) shaped image, and it will ask you to enter your text. Enter a lot (about 30?) of XO's.

- After you have the image you'll need to size it to fit around the circle. This will take some trial and error.

- First change the font of your text, since a different font will change the size of the semi-circle. You change the font by right clicking on the text and selecting font.

- Stretch the rainbow image so that it is large enough to somewhat cover the circle.

- Right mouse click on the image and edit text, adding or subtracting more xoxo's until the size is lined up with the circle.

- Take a look at how your rainbow fits the circle, it should come nicely half-way around. Edit to add or subtract xoxo's until you like it.

- When it fits nicely around the top half, select the rainbow, copy it, choose Format, and then Flip

- You may have to fine tune again, but at this point you should have a circle shaped text wrapping around your colored circle.

You can do other shapes as well, experiment around!

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