Friday, October 06, 2006

Subscribe to our newsletter - ETA: new instructions

Updated October 3, 2007

Hi to all our EDS Friends!

Newsletter sign-up is now in the sidebar of the blog under the sign-up for Daily Notifications (see above illustration)

If you think you already signed up and still have not received the newsletter- follow these instructions:

1. Check your spam folder for the EDS Newsletter
2. If it is not in your spam folder, then sign up in the sidebar
3. Send your email address to and we will manually enter your address.



JillSF said...

I wish to subscribe to the newsletter. When I go to that page there is a box to fill in my email. When I hit submit it says I haven't filled in the name field.There is only one box and that is for email address. Would love it if you can help me subscribe.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

There are two choices for you.
1. Go to the sidebar of this blog, and below the sign-up for Daily Notifications is a sign-up for Newsletter notifications which has all the correct fields.
2. Send your email address to and I will manually enter you.

Thank you so much!