Monday, October 23, 2006

6 Ways to Have Fonts Work for You in Your Design

Are you using fonts in your designs to convey a message? Fonts are a subtle way to bring mood to your pages and projects. There's no right or wrong way to choose a font. You can use fonts to support your message by having it be in harmony with the rest of the design or you can use the font to add variety to your design. This week at EDS we will be focusing on fonts each weekday.

Master graphic artist Alex White states, "Typography is an information delivery system like a cigarette is a tar and nicotine delivery system and a mint is a fresh breath delivery system. Some typography -- like some cigarettes and some mints -- work better at delivering their content."

So here are 6 ways to have fonts work for you in your design:

1. Grab attention with your title
2. Use word art as an embellishment
3. Use a handwritten font to add charm
4. Whimsical fonts convey joy, fun, and play
5. A large monogram can be used as a focal point
6.Mixing different fonts within a one-word title gives a custom, artsy look

Below: How to download and install fonts

Featured Reader: Shalae TippettsLayout posted with permission from designer.

About this layout in Shalae's words: I took the graduation program and used the different parts of it and created my own brushes to add all the information about the graduation. I then also used a grunge brush to erase at two two different papers to create the background. This was an example of techniques taught in my online class "Advanced Brushwork for Layouts."

About the font used here: If I understand it right, Shalae scanned the graduation program flyer, and used the title from it for her title on her layout here.

Fonts that are similiar:
Chopin Script

Supplies Used in Shalae's layout - from

Bella Paper
Rustica Paper Biggie
Grunge Brushes

Additional Resources:

Font Tutorial: How to Install Truetype Fonts on Windows
Font Tutorial: How to Install Truetype Fonts on a Mac

Coming tomorrow: More tips and project features using fonts for design elements
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