Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Print a Two-Page Digital Layout

I recently received this question from a reader asking how to print a two-page layout. She designed the layout as a 12" X 24" document. Here are the instructions:

How to Print a Two-Page Layout
Instructions for Photoshop Elements and similar software
Here's how to do this: Make a duplicate by going to File--> Duplicate
1. On the duplicate - Select the crop tool
2. Set the width and height to 12 x 12, 300 dpi
3. Crop from the left side upper corner to the middle
4. Save this as a new document, maybe naming it "Title - Left". Leave the document open.
5. Then click ctrl+z to "undo"
6. Select the crop tool. Crop from the right side upper corner to the middle.
7. Save this as a new document, naming it "Title - Right"
8. Open "Title - Left" and print.
9. Print "Title - Right"


Kristin said...

Wow you have awesome tuts here! Love your blog!

T-Wan said...

Great post. I have some Christmas layouts that I'm going to try and print out.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Thank you for the wonderful clear tuts. They are easy to follow and make learning fun!!
I have had fun reading through them....but now duty calls!! Back to the grindstone!!

Jacki said...

Thanks for all these great tutorials! You're going to keep me busy!! I just found your blog because of your comment on mine. To answer your question- yes I used Artscow's calendar template.

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prashant said...

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