Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Create your own glitter rubon

By Maggie Lamarre
Hi Everyone:
This is a simple technique you can use other shapes, such as flowers etc...

Supplies needed
Font of your liking

Page protector from the $ store, I brought a package of 10 for $1.00.

Let's begin!

Open your document and type your sentiment using any font in my case I needed love I use Lainie daisy font.

I also made sure the size will fit into the area I'm going to adhere the rubon on.

2. Print the word

3. Cut a piece of the page protector and put on top of the word.

4. Trace a fine line on top of the word

5. Add the glitter, flick the back of the glittered to remove excess.

6. Let dry 30 mtes then spray a thin coat of sealant let dry another 30 mtes and it will be ready to use..
Once it's dried use a brush to remove the excess glitter.

Voila you are done!

Have fun, Create your ART.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to sound silly but now you have the glitter & glue on the page protector...What next? How do you get it on the page without loosing all the glitter?

Julie Ann Shahin said...

I am not Maggie but from what I read I think the sealant is the key to keeping the glitter intact.

Maggie said...

The rub on you can leave it on the protective sheet and cut around it to use like a transparency, or you can easily peel it off the sheet protector and and use zip glue to adhere..
Great question..

Maggie said...

sorry like Julie Ann saysthe sealant protect the glitter from flying every where or come off after it's dried..:)

paul profitt said...

Great stuff.
I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.