Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Manufacturer plus Reader Questions Answered

Hybrid Layout by Julie Ann Shahin

Swank Drawers by Julie Ann Shahin

Prima Marketing, Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of unique flower accents and scrapbooking materials, is about to set another trend – products that seamlessly build a bridge between traditional paper and digital scrapbooking. will launch on January 15, 2008, offering exclusive hybrid scrapbooking products, projects and resources that will appeal to both traditional scrapbookers and digital scrapbookers.

The foundation for is already in place, set to provide the hybrid scrapbooker with a variety of resources to create meaningful hybrid projects:

• Products that instantly coordinate to combine paper and digital product lines
• Step-by-step hybrid scrapbooking project examples
• Inspiring articles to help the digital scrapbooker to visualize how digital "translates" into traditional paper projects
• Tutorials to help the traditional scrapbooker cut the learning curve into learning about digital scrapbooking techniques
• A weekly newsletter to showcase newest trends and tips, such as “A Step by Step Guide to Your First Hybrid Project”

The site will also offer complete digital kits and elements created by leading digital artists such as Gina Miller, Weeds & Wildflowers Designs, Meredith Fenwick, Iron Orchid Designs (IOD), Carrie Stephens, Corinna Nielson, Dianne Rigdon, Nancy Kubo, Trish Jones, Kim Christensen, Vera Lim and Doris Castle. One of the first offerings available in the shoppe is a collaborative kit, called “First Blush” featuring creations by each of the artists.

Love Card by Di Hickman

Party Queen by Julie Ann Shahin

Nesting Boxes by Melinda Staley

Introduce yourself in the PrimaHybrid Forums and take our first challenge to win a prize!


Reader Question & Answer with Julie Kelley

I'm looking at purchasing a digital ONE question...HOW DO YOU PRINT EACH PAGE? Do you have to have an amazing color printer or do you send it to an on-line photography store? I have a 4x6 photo printer, but no other COLOR printer.
Am I missing something?

Thanks so much for your question... I hope I can answer it!! The short answer is that you can do whatever you'd like with the pages :) There are so many options! I'll try to touch on them, please let me know if you want any additional information about any of them!
Some people don't print them at all, they create slide shows with their digital scrapbook pages, and display them on their computers, on TV's or on any of the digital photo frames that are available for purchase. They can also be put onto disk to be shared with family and friends...
As far as actual printing, I personally find that uploading them to a printing service usually winds up being cheaper than actually getting nice paper, and paying for ink at home... and it sounds like this would be a good option for you since you do not have a large color printer.
There are several online retailers that will print your full 12x12 layouts, or you can save them and print them at 8x8. For my personal 12x12 printing I use but have heard good things about and have also heard good things about uploading them to your local costco photo department, but have not done that myself.
It may also be more economical to simply upload the 8x8's and have them printed locally (at a place like Walmart or Walgreens, or another one hour photo in your area) as an 8x10, and just trim off the excess inches...
Another option that many digital scrappers use is to wait and gather many layouts and have them printed in a bound book. has many different options and sizes, I personally use for an annual "year in review" book that I make for the kids' grandparents every Christmas...
I hope this helps... If you have specific questions about any of these options, please let me know... and I'll answer them the best I can :)
Julie K

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