Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Discover Maggie's Hybrid Scrapbooking Stationary Matchbook Tutorial

How to Create a Matchbook Notepad

by Maggie Lamarre, Creative Team Member

For some reason when I need a pad to jot something, I can never find them in my purse.
I had just finished a matchbook for my daughter back to school, I started thinking I can use the same principles to create a note pad for my purse. Since I star school myself the theme fits perfectly..

Supplies used: Algebra, History, Biology, English, papers: School bound kit at; Stamps Art Warehouse; Brads Karen Foster; Silk flowers; Cardstock: Paper Company; Tim Holtz Distress ink; Paper piercer; Plain paper

Let’s begin to create this match book you can use 8.5x11 or 12x12 cardstock.

  • Cut the card stock 3.5x12, fold 1 inch down the bottom, then the top flap fold in to the bottom flap to create the top.
  • Use a bone folder to create a sharp crease or butter knife.
  • Stamp both side of the cardstock then adhere your paper.
  • Cut digital paper to adhere to the top, Ink the edges if desired with distress ink.
  • Attached the flower and embellishments on the digital paper then adhere to the top of the cardstock.

  • Next step: Cut plain paper 1 inch smaller than the matchbook,
  • use paper piercer and create 2 holes on the bottom to attached the papers to the bottom of the matchbook,
  • secure with brads or ribbons.

Voila you are done!
Have fun, create your ART

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Eileen Bergen said...

It's very cute, but I can't figure out how the paper is attached to the book. It looks like the brads on the front flap are decorative and that the paper sits on the bottom of the "box" (i.e. they're not attached using the brads), Can you elaborate?