Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Journaling Tips

Capturing the Memory When You

Don't Have a Photo:

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial
by Julie Kelley, Creative Team Member

I'm sure that we all have them... memories and events that we have no photos of. Having no photos doesn't make the memory or event any less important!! You can still create a beautiful layout that commemorates the memory, even if you don't have a photo to go with it! There are several ways that you could go about it.
  • One way would be to create a layout using a themed digital kit, or papers, and allow the focus to be on the journaling. I remember very distinctly that my grandparents would bring us to the rodeo every year when it came to town. I don't have any photos from the many times that we went, but I still want to remember those special times spent with my grandparents.

  • Here's the first example of a layout without photos, I used the wonderful "Giddy Up" kit by Mary Fran at nitwitcollections.com.
  • I knew immediately when I saw the kit that it would be full of goodies that I could use to create my photoless layout.
  • I find that 8x8 is a great size for photoless layouts.

  • Another option for stories that have no matching photos is to use a photo that gives you the feeling of the story, even if it wasn't taken at the precise time of the story you are trying to tell. This summer, my 6 year-old son said so many funny things... I didn't always have the camera ready when he was talking. One of my favorite phrases was when he mixed up FYI with YEI and told us that "YEI, I'm a Big Boy!"
  • I just had to scrap the story, so I chose a photo from this summer, with him looking like a big boy. I used the "Crazy Cool" kit, and "Cardstock Alpha" by Miss HuniBuni at thedigishoppe.com.

Be creative! There's lots of ways to document a story, even if you don't have the photos to match!

**If you have a layout without photos, we would love for you to show us. Please add a link to your layout in the comments section!**Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. Not often I think of scrapping without a picture - but this tut was great. I now have so many ideas spinning around in my head - so thank you.

Monica Larsen