Friday, June 01, 2007

How To Use Free Software GIMP to Brighten Photographs

Using Levels to Brighten a Photo in GIMP (Gnu Image

Manipulation Program)

by Angela Spangler, Creative Team Member

We all have those photos that could us a little brightening. Levels is an easy way to bring up the tones in an image.

Here's an image I took that is just a tad dark.

Now, I'll brighten the photo using Levels.
In GIMP, things are similar to Photoshop.

Click on Tools > Color Tools > Levels

Now, move the middle triangular slider over to the left a bit and see what it does to the photo. You will need to experiment with this part to get the desired effect.

It's that easy! If needed, you can add a bit of contrast to the photo by going to Tools > Color Tools > Brightness/Contrast.

GIMP is free. You can download GIMP at (Windows).

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Kerrandda said...

I've heard of that program (namewise) but never knew what it could do! Interesting! Thanks!

Di Hickman said...

I just downloaded Gimp on my laptop a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the reminder that its there!
great tutorial!

Sarah K said...

impressive and interesting post.
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