Thursday, March 01, 2007

Introducing Miss March

Laura's Paint Shop Pro Tutorial for Creating Balance in Digital Scrapbooking
Help me welcome Laura Hadfield as Miss March!

Laura is the Creative Team Guest Member this month.
Check out her blog (link in the sidebar) and tell your friends about her great tutorial today! If you are interested in applying to be a guest designer, please check out these details - scroll down for the info.

Creating Balance on Your Layouts : More Design Secrets Just for You

I used to constantly obsess over whether or not my pages were balanced out. While balancing out your pages isn't everything (after all, isn't it really about the memories?), learning a few simple concepts definitely helps.

The easiest way to achieve balance on your layout is by being repetitive. For example, if you're creating a two-page layout and you have a large photo on one page, try creating a group of photos that equals that of the large one on the opposite page.

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After doing this, be sure to place the photo and photo group opposite of each other. By "opposite" I mean have the photo closer to or at the bottom and the photo group on the other page at or close to the top.
  • On my page, I used orange paper at the top of my page.

  • To balance out my layout, I used an orange circle accent closer to the bottom and used lines of stars at the top, middle, and bottom.

  • Also notice how the amount of paper on my page is pretty much equal to the amount of space my photo takes up.

Getting your pages to balance out just takes practice. What do you do to achieve balance on your layouts? Please feel free to leave your tips in our comments section, and your advice could appear in our next newsletter! (please leave your name so we can give you credit)

Supplies Used:
-Perfect Pets kit by Rhonna Farrer
-CK Elsie font
-Paint Shop Pro


BeckyA said...

Congrats on being Miss March, Laura!!!!

Maggie said...

I think in terms of planning two pages at a time, too! Great advice not given enough for beginners to have a great eye-catching book, not just publishable 1-pagers. Think in terms of purchasing for and designing TWO pages, not just one when you plan layouts. Great ideas!

Maggie said...

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