Monday, March 19, 2007

Design Secrets: How to Use Color to Create Flow

This week's focus is on creating FLOW in your designs. A great resource is Ali Edward's book: A Designer's Eye for Scrapbooking which has a chapter on Flow.

Design Tutorial by Maggie Lamarre, Creative Team Member
Maggie Lamarre

Layout by Maggie Lamarre for Everyday Digital Scrapbooking
Supplies used
Natural born kit from
Backstage2 kit from

Creating a simple linear lay out doesn't have to be boring!
There are several ways you can add punch to the lay out and create a great flow.

  • In this instance I use neutral colours and a bit of punch.
  • My punch colour is repeated 5 times in subtle ways to accentuate the lay out.
Can you guess what the colour is, where it's accentuated? Read on!

It's the plum/raspberry colour.

1.On the left it's reflected in the colum of the stripe,
2.on the side of the pic the sequins reflect my punch colour.
3.Underneath the pic there's another stipe of paper with underlying
plum/raspberry that represent
4.The title
5.The journaling all ties in to reflect an odd amount
and the principel of using "a gallon, Quart, Pint".
In this instance I used the quart principle to add punch and not detract from the pic.

Have fun Create your ART.

PS We would love to see how you use colour to punch your lay outs :)

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BeckyA said...

This is a great article on color flow! Thanks for the info!