Wednesday, March 07, 2007

7 Ideas for Incorporating the Magic Number 3 in Design

Magic Number Three Tips
by Laura Hadfield, Miss March
Creative Team Guest Member

Design is something I used to really struggle with. However, after reading an article about using page elements in three's, creating pages became a lot easier. Using three's makes pages flow and gives them a "finished" look. I hope this concept helps you as much as it did me!

Things you can use in threes are:
  • embellishments,
  • digital brushes,
  • photos, and
  • words or phrases.

Try dividing up your journaling into three sections by using ribbon or creating 3 lines of brads. Or try dividing your page into 3 columns.

Article continued below

Can you find the three's on my page?

(Page: This Is Me, Deal With It)

I have three photos, three pink flowers, and three words for my title and subtitle. Oh, and did you notice how I used three different fonts?

What else can you use in three's on your layout?

Supplies Used:
-Two Peas July 2006 Free Kit by Anne Langpap
-Architect, CK Elsie, and Dirty Ego
-Paint Shop Pro

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