Sunday, February 04, 2007

How to Use Your Scanner to Create Digital Elements

This Week's Focus: The Scanner
Do you think of your scanner as an essential scrapbooking element? We'll show you fresh ideas for using your scanner all this week! Today, Creative Team Member Beth uses a piece of clothing to create a digital element. Since she can't get a picture of her daughter wearing jeans, she had to get more creative!

Beginner Tutorial by Beth Price, Creative Team Member

Title: She Won't Wear Jeans

Using a scanner as a scrapbook tool –

I decided to use real jeans in my layout, so I scanned a pair of my daughters jeans.

1. scan the image. The lid wouldn’t close all the way so I used a dark sweater as a cover over the lid to absorb the light.
2. import the scanned image into PSE 5
3. open a new page
4. copy image onto page and begin removing the background around the jeans. I did this using the magic wand, selecting the background color and deleting it. Eventually I used the eraser to get the small areas.
5. when happy with the amount you’ve deleted, choose the background and delete that layer.
6. save the image as a .jpeg file and it can now be used as a digital element on your page.

Note: if you are making digital items for sale, you will not be able to scan a fabric pattern and use it for sale as it would violate copyright infringements.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's much easier to take a digital picture of items like jeans than it is to scan them. Also taking pictures of pictures can often times come out better than a scan.