Monday, February 12, 2007

How to Create Scrapbook Journaling from Three Everyday Sources

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial by
Beth Price, Creative Team Member
This Week We Are Focusing On Journaling
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Got Text?

Let’s talk about text and inspiration. I was inspired to create the layout The Dash after reading an email story. I created a layout I never would have imagined given just the photo. It was completely inspired by an email.

Text can add depth to a layout, it gives the picture meaning, tells the viewer why the page is important. So here are a few ideas on using text to get inspired.

The Internet.
  • Quotes - You can find poems and titles at scrapbooking sites or just search for quotations in a search engine.
  • Message board threads. Clever catch-phrases are great, or maybe a Top 10 list or a Favorites thread.
  • Emails. The next time someone sends you an email and you respond to it – take a minute and ask if you’d like your children to know what you think about that story.
  • Current Events headlines or Advertisements are meant to grab your attention, so they’ll probably do that on a page too.


Kids, pets, co-workers... we’ve all got some good stories. So write them down! Then take words from your favorite line as your title.

Off the Wall inspiration.
You just need to write it down when it hits you. Like -
  • Something funny your kids say
  • A Billboard
  • A church bulletin or visual

Scrapbooking is about art and stories and pictures. Be inspired to express your thoughts. Spontaneously realizing you have something to say, or telling a story that’s been in your heart for a long time - either can speak to others and definitely tells about you the writer and artist.

If you enjoyed today's tutorial and feel inspired, share your thoughts with us!!

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BeckyA said...

FABULOUS layout and wonderful journaling inspiration! Journaling is absolutely where my heart is when it comes to scrapbooking and I love to see pages like this one. Great article!