Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Having Fun With Your Journaling With These Creative Ideas

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial by
Maggie Lamarre, Creative Team Member
Focus: Formatting Journaling

Supplies used
Papers, lace, brads the Isabella kit @Dragonflaire.com
Word pebbles and flower the Organic kit @ Oscraps.com

Creating Journaling:
There are several ways you can have fun with your journaling.
  • It doesn't have to be a box, it can be inverted, side ways etc..
  • You can create a path in PS for the text to follow, or you can create a bezier curve or shape to for your journaling such as a heart shape.
  • If you are using word another way is to use a clip art of your choice and follow the curve of the clip art with your text.

On this lo I wanted the focus to remain on the pic and the journaling to be more as an element, my focus was for it to look more like a graph.

  1. Open your graphic software
  2. open a layer and select the text
  3. create a text box for the size you want
  4. select flush to the right
  5. start typing your text
  6. once done, move the text around until you are please with the effect
  7. Add a slight shadow of 2 and blur 50%

Or you can create a bezier shape and fill the shape with you text once done delete the bezier shape and the text will remain as the shape.

Have fun, create your ART
Maggie Lamarre

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