Friday, January 12, 2007

Stamp on your scrapbook layouts with no mess! Basic Tutorial here!

Creative Stamping with Digital Brushes Tutorial
by Beth Price, Creative Team Member

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How To Stamp alphas with the brush tool

1. Be sure to first create a new layer, name it your title, and be sure it is open when you begin stamping with the brush. You won’t be able to move your individual letter stamps around once you’re finished, but you can play around by deleting your last action (>edit>delete brush) and simply try again.

2. Load your alphabet brush

3. In the brush tool bar, go to options and select > dab
(This will allow you to stamp one letter rather than a trail of them)

4. Now select each letter, stamp it and then select the next letter.
You can adjust the size of the brush in the same option menu by increasing or reducing the pixels
For a fun look, change the size of the font as you spell your title.

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maria said...

Wonderful!!!! Been meaning to do this since the first newsletter arrived...I signed up in Nov. I have been working between paper/digi since I picked up this hobby and the insights shared here are just the best. I'm always a bit behind in the challenges though, cause I'm off trying something out and get really absorbed in creating.

Thank You for this talent all in one place!! :)

oh, and I always have to give a thumbs up to a fellow western new yorker!