Monday, January 15, 2007

How to Print Photos and Digital Layouts at Home with These Tips

This week's focus here at Everyday Digital is Printing at Home.

Tutorial by Susan Rodriguez, Creative Team Member
Printing your photos at home

One thing you do need to know about is what is the maximum print size allowable for your mega pixel resolution? Below is a small cheat sheet sort of chart you can follow.

If you try printing an image, that is 1152 x 864 or smaller, as an 8 x 10 chances are image will come a bit blurry and not at all clear. Follow your printer’s instructions on printing your photos.

If you want to make sure your pictures last make sure you take some time to investigate your photo paper. Below is a Chart taken from an article by Wilhelm Imaging Research [article link -]

Click on image to enlarge to read.

Take the time to read your printers instruction manual and especially take the time to investigate your photo paper. While we are all looking for economical ways to print our photos, we also want our photos to last.

Printing Article by Scrapjazz
Scrapgirls University: Printing Your Digital Layouts

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