Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Use brush for custom paper swirls

Using Brushes For Custom Paper Shapes and Swirls Tutorial by Cammy Plummer, Creative Team Member
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Title: Laugh Out Loud


  1. Install desired brushes. Create a new layer and place the brush image on your page in the appropriate size and location.
  2. Lay a piece of patterned paper over the brush image and group (Ctrl + G). You can then resize or move the patterned paper to your taste. When you are satisfied with the look, merge the two layers (Ctrl + E).
  3. To "ink" the edges, use BriAnna Shultz's Inked Edges Action, available at Atomic Cupcake.


Patterned Paper: Jen Wilson, Amber Glow, Scrapbook-Bytes (yellow); Anne Langpap, March Free {Pea} Digital Kit, Two Peas in a Bucket (pink); Holly McCaig, Spring is Coming Paper Pack, Holly McCaig Designs (green)
Brushes: Jason Gaylor, Fresh Foliage, Designfruit
Inked Border: Shabby Princess, Shabby Borders {Collection ONE}, Shabby Princess Designs
Journaling Stamp: Katie Pertiet, Journaling Stamps, Designer Digitals
Date Stamps: Katie Pertiet, Date Stamps Vol. 4, Designer Digitals
Chipboard and Inked Edges Actions: BriAnna Shultz, Atomic Cupcake
Fonts: Times New Roman, SP Purkage; Porcelain

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vita said...

Brilliant, love the tutorial... thank you.