Monday, December 04, 2006

Three Basic Rules for Creating Word Art

This Week's Focus: Word Art
Knowing how to create Word Art is useful for all kinds of scrappers: digital, traditional, and hybrid scrappers. Beginner digital scrapbookers can use pre-made word art while advanced digital scrappers can make their own Word Art. Word Art can be applied to photographs before they are printed. Word Art can be printed out for cards and layouts. Today, we share three basic rules for creating Word Art by our Featured Scrapper: Maggie Lamarre. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive a free word art download on Friday, December 8th.

Three Basic Rules for Creating Word Art
Featured Scrapper: Maggie Lamarre
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Project posted with designer's permission

Maggie's Digital Photoshop Tutorial:

Word Art
It's very easy to create.

I follow 3 basic rules when creating word art.

  • Rule number 1: Use one basic font and one decorative font. Anything over 2 loses it's appeal.
  • Rule number 2: Highlight only 3-4 words in a word art and add a very slight shadow of 1 to emphasize the words.
  • Rule number 3: Create each sentence on it's own layer.

Detail instructions on how to create a word art:

  1. First select your quote, you can find quotes at, and other sources on the web.
  2. Open your Graphic program
  3. Open a layer at 300DPI size at least 2400 if you are using 12x12 LO.
  4. Select your font and create your first line.
  5. Select the word you want to emphasize and change your font size then add a slight shadow of 1
  6. Play around with the placement until you are satisfied.
  7. Add remaining lines and follow the first step for emphasis.
  8. Save your layers as PSD or PSP depending on the graphic program.

Other ideas for Word Art:
  • you can incorporate frames
  • numbers
  • color your fonts
  • add textures
Have fun and create! by Maggie Lamarre

Adobe Photoshop
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Designing with Fonts
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Photojenic said...

Thank you SO much for this tut! I am addicted to Word Art, but have the hardest time making it myself. This is FAB!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maggie!!! I have such a hard time with wordart but you made it much simpler!

Carla said...

Great tutorial Maggie! I didn't know to just use two fonts. Very informative!!!!

Contemplations by C said...

I found this very helpful Maggie! I had always wondered about creating word art. And like jen - I love quotes!


SteinwaysMom said...

Great tips - I would have never thought of some of that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great and useful tutorial! Thanks for doing this!