Wednesday, December 06, 2006

See How Easily You Can Create Artistic Titles with Word Art

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Custom Digital Scrapbooking Word Art Tutorial
by Cammy Plummer, Creative Team Member

Click on image to enlarge please

Title: Reach High

  1. Choose three fonts to work with that will compliment your theme and quote.
  2. Type out the quote in appropriate fonts. To easily arrange your word art in the final steps, it is best to put each word in it's own layer.
  3. To add a fabric strip behind a word, make a box shape that will cover the area in a colour of your choice. Apply the Frayed Fabric action from Atomic Cupcake.
  4. To outline text with different colours and patterns, go to (in Adobe Photoshop Elements) Edit > Stroke (Outline) Selection and use the following settings: Width - 10 px; Color - white (or click box to change colour); Location - outside. To outline with patterned paper, use the layers palette to select the desired layer (Ctrl + click), use the magic wand tool, and move the outlined selection to your patterned paper. Switch to the move tool and move the selection back to your layout. Move the layer below the text.
  5. Arrange text elements to fit on your layout.

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Grunge background and stars: Lisa Whitney, A Beautiful Mess, Scrap Artist (The background was recoloured
and the stars were cropped)
Text background and polaroid frame: KristyAnn, Create, Plain Digital Wrapper
Alphabet: Lauren Reid, Scratchy Doodles Alpha, Oscraps
Actions: BriAnna Shultz, Frayed Fabric, Atomic Cupcake
Font: American Typewriter; 2Peas Mister Giggles
Quote: Pamela Starr
Photo: Shawna Kolody

Adobe Photoshop
Create Your Own Elements
Designing with Fonts
Photoshop Elements PSE


Mrs. Miles said...

I LOVE coming to your site - you have a wealth of wonderful projectsa and ideas. Way to go!

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Great site with a wealth of information! We would love for you to stop by our blog and see our art purse.