Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How To Combine Blend Mode Techniques with Word Art and Brushwork

I am happy to present an awesome digital scrapbooking tutorial by Audrey Neal today that focuses on blend modes, however the layout also encompasses other features that this blog has been teaching this month: Word Art and Brush Work! Audrey does a brilliant job of using all three techniques.

Featured Reader: Audrey Neal

Supply list:
Paper, brushes, jewel: Avacado Toaster kit, Jan Crowley and Meredith Fenwick
Word art: You Name It_Individuality, Jen Wilson Designs

Instructions: (using PSE 2.0)
  1. Open a new document, 12x12 inches, 300 dpi, white background, RGB color.
  2. Open wavy lined paper and cut and paste onto new document (or drag and drop).
  3. Open picture and resize as needed until it covers your entire document.
  4. Make a duplicate of the photo layer.
  5. Make sure the bottom photograph is the active layer and change the blend mode to Hard Light. Keep it at 100%.
  6. Make the top photo the active layer and erase everything but the focal point (in this photo, that is the person in the photo). Use a very large brush to erase the majority of the background and then switch to a smaller brush and zoom in to erase around the outline of the figure.
  7. Open the jeweled accent and place it over your figure’s face. Apply a drop shadow of 4 to it. Resize until the middle jewel is the size of your figure’s head. Move the accent layer in between the two photo layers.
  8. Open the word art and place over the top photo layer. Adjust size to fit your liking.
  9. Open a second photo, apply a stroke (Edit>Stroke>Outer, size 15), and arrange onto layout. Apply drop shadow of 4.
  10. Open various brushes and place them around the focal point figure and the word art. Save now as a PSD document so that you can make changes later.
  11. Flatten layers and save as a jpeg.


Artistic Photo

Blend Mode

Featured Reader

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jan said...

that layout is amazing! and what incredible instructions! audrey's work is phenomenal! and thank you for showing off our kit! meredith and i are thrilled!