Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How to Create a Simple Gift that is Sure to Impress: Digital Tutorial

Featured Reader: Shanah Gordon
Tutorial: Personalized Calling Card Gifts
Project posted with permission from designer

Shanah's inspiration in her own words: I had gotten this idea to make calling cards from the Neiman Marcus catalog where they sell these beautiful and VERY pricey calling cards and matching leather holders. I whipped my own version up in a jiffy and have given them as gifts with a holder I purchased at Lillian Vernon or at Neiman Marcus.....or even I've given them as token gifts just on their own.If I give them without a holder I stack them up, put them in a bit of cellophane and I tie them with a coordinating organza or grograin ribbon. Ok, I use four or five ribbons....I'm like that!!!!!

I think they are great everyone because nowadays we all have so many numbers and places to be reached at. A land phone, a cell phone,an e-mail address, our home address...and the list goes on. I made this version for my daugther (no, it's not her real information!) using a fun and youthful approach.

How to: I sized these 2.5 by 2.5 but you can size them to fit whatever holder you may buy or you can just size them to suit your personal taste. I was able to fit three across and four down on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of photo paper so I got 12 cards for about a dollar (I printed on my home printer).After selecting the papers I felt best suited my daughter, I added a bow and a "real" digital flower, a nice heavy black border and I was done. What fun! They are great stocking stuffers and teacher's gifts when you just need a little something extra that shows some thought and creativity.

Papers by Kellie Mize- Party Girl (
Bow by Ronna Penner
Flower by silly bird nut (

Additional Inspiration for Calling Cards:

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