Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two Page layout Tutorial by Andie Smith, Creative Team Member

Thank you all for the tremendous feedback and praise for our debut! Please keep your comments and suggestions coming as we are doing this for YOU!

I have two layouts to share with you today - both are two-page creations. First is a gorgeous layout by Andie Smith. I noticed immediately about Andie's layout that the vivid colors captured my attention and drew me in. I love that the focus photo overlaps both pages of the layout. With Lynn Singers layout, I was smitten with how many photos she was able to fit into her layout and the way the photos overlap and are arranged makes me wish that I had been on this trip with her to witness such a beautiful place as Goat Island. Enjoy!

Two page layout by Andie Smith, Creative Team Member

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Andie's Tips for creating this digital layout (see sketch below):
1. Create a canvas the size of two pages (i.e 24x12 inches) and crop before printing.

2. Don’t be afraid to type over your photos and other text.

3. Go big! Use large pictures that spans both pages.

Featured Reader: Lynn Singers
A Marine Reserve just outside the city. (This was the middle of winter in New Zealand believe it or not!) Everything from "Blue Water" kit by Lynn Grieveson from Designer Digitals. Fonts are Akoom and Vintage Typewriter. (Layout posted with permission from the designer.)

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If you have questions or comments for either Andie or Lynn, please leave a comment below or send an email to thedigitalproject@gmail.com

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