Monday, October 30, 2006

Quick and Easy Gifts for Any Occasion using Digital Products

...Even though
Christy's idea is for Halloween, you could easily adapt
this tutorial for any holiday...

Have you ever wondered how you could use your digital scrapbooking products for something other than digital scrapboking? Digital scrapbooking products are not just for layouts. I thought we could all benefit from some gift ideas as November creeps in upon us. This week my team and friends
of the EDS blog all share their creative
ideas for making homemade gift items.

Featured Reader: Christy Lyle
Adorable Altered Bottle Gifts
Project posted with designer's permission

I know I don't have to convince you that homemade gifts are more touching than store-bought ones. The best thing is that using your computer speeds up the process and makes handmade gifts fast and easy! Even though Christy's idea is for Halloween, you could easily adapt this tutorial for any holiday or gift-giving occasion. Ideas for filling the bottles include: seashells, buttons, bath salts, cookie mix, candy, toys such as ball and jacks, popcorn kernels, etc.

Christy's description of her project:
Here are some little Halloween goodies I made for DD's friends. I used Starbucks Frap bottles and just wrapped a 3" x 8.5 strip of paper around them and tacked them with glue - added a little ribbon and they were done! TFL! CREDITS: Robin Carlton's Monster Mash Kit at Sweet Shoppe Designs.

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Be sure to follow the blog all week for more gift and card ideas. Next week: Home Decor Ideas.

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scrapcat said...

very cute idea!

Rebecca said...

Mrs. Miles headed me your way and I was going through all your cool ideas in all the posts... and this one just made me laugh because honestly,I was drinking these yummy drinks last week and thinking how cool the bottle looked and that they've gotta have another use! And here it is! Lol. Thanks for all the inspiration! :D