Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Meet Beth and Betsy

Did you enjoy seeing the favorite layouts of Andie and Angela yesterday? Are you eager for more? Our debut is coming soon - Sunday! And today, we introduce you to two more of our designers: Beth Price and Betsy Veldman.

Beth Price
Beth Price has won several contests although she stays pretty humble, not the boastful type. Learn about why scrapbooking takes Beth to "her happy place", and how she got started in scrapbooking (plus her favorite layout)....Read more

Betsy Veldman
Yesterday we were introduced to our CK HOF Honorable Mention Winner Andie Smith, and today we meet our Making Memories Masters Runner-Up Winner Betsy Veldman. Read more about Betsy... (and see her favorite layout)

Tomorrow: Meet Cammy and Julie Ann

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khuddle said...

I love reading about the new Creative team! I really liked hearing more about Beth!