Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Create this fun wallhanging!

by Maggie Lamarre

This wall hanging will be great as a gift in any theme. The whole process took only 30mtes with a heat gun..this is great for any occasion!

I combine my luv of digital, stamping and paper into 1 fun project :)

I created this wall hanging for Mother's day base on a distressing challenge I'm doing at Acbaileyltd.
Supplies needed..
Printed Digital butterfly paper here,

please note this paper is pixelated it was expressly created this way to simulate more texture once used :0

Gel Medium,glue, sewing machine, ephemera, delta paint acrylic, foam stamp, fabric, fiber, tulles, chandelier crystal, jump ring, quote, stiffen quick, walnut ink spray.. CS from theshakerbox.. Ranger Stickle. Eyelet Making Memories, Cropadile.. graphic fairies...

Let's begin!

Cut the jean fabric into the size you need, I did mine 7.5x9.. Spray the fabric with stiffen quick and let dry..

cut the digital paper to desire size,use a soft brush and brush the Gel medium onto the printed side.. in 1 coat, make sure you get the edges really well.. let dry.

in the meantime get a large bowl fill with warm water... and add the dried gel medium to the bowl..

while the paper is soaking, gather the fabric, the stamp and paint, stamp the fabric well and the edges, let dry..

Go back to the gel medium digital paper and gently rub the back until the paper is gone and all that's left is the gel medium...

What we're doing is call a transfer :) some people use tape and other techniques, for this one I like the gel medium, that way I have no line, it's not as filmy as the tape for this purpose it's fine. What we are after is texture...:)

Once the backing is remove let dry, then use a soft cloth like a chamois and remove any residue paper..

This is where you can let your imagination lose :)
Now we are going to add decorative stitching to the edge, then start assembling the collage..

Glue the digital transfer to the fabric.

Ps. don't worry it won't be this filmy it looks like that I didn't let it dry, I use a heat gun after I took this pic :)

Next collect your ephemera for the collage and spray walnut ink over them to give an age look :)

then adhere the pieces to the digital transfer.. Once satisfied add stickles to add more pizzazz :)

Cut 6 inches of tulles and fiber to create a bow, then loop a jump ring and chandelier to the tulle bow.

Use a cropadile to create 2 holes for the eyelet to thread the fiber to hang the wall hanging.. then adhere title and you are done Voila!

Here's the finish WallHanging! wasn't that fun????

Have fun, create your ART


If you have nay questions please leave a message :)


Maggie said...

hi everybody:
Sorry I forgot to link the paper
get it here.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Wow! This is so stunning Maggie!!!! Well done.

Ribbon Wand Maker said...

Wowsa...really cool!