Thursday, December 20, 2007

Resolve to Learn "Digital & Hybrid Scrapbooking & Card-Making with Photoshop Elements"

Book Review with Julie Ann Shahin

Part 1

"Digital & Hybrid Scrapbooking

& Card-Making with Photoshop Elements"

Author: Patty Debowski

A Must-Have Complete Reference Guide with

Step-by-Step Instructions in Plain English

Add a new skill or improve your skills in 2008 with this amazing book by Patty Debowski! Patty mentioned to me that this book is written for the beginner, however I think she might be selling herself short with 384 pages and almost 4 pounds of information - sure to please all levels of digital and hybrid scrapbookers.

I truly believe hybrid scrapbooking will make the whole scrapbook industry stronger with the right marketing techniques. This book will play a vital and essential role in strengthening this industry as well. Digital is pervading quietly and silently, and almost without most of us even realizing it consciously. This book helps with the learning curves of all that is digital in scrapbooking.

What is most amazing:

  • 384 pages and almost 4 pounds
  • 20 page Index!!!! Can you imagine?
  • 6 pages= Table of Contents - WOW!
  • Written for Photoshop Elements and easily used by Photoshop Users as well
  • What Did I Do Wrong? Troubleshooting section
  • Not one of those books that has hundreds of gorgeous layouts but no instructions, instead the focus is on the words and step-by-step explanations!!!! Images that have been included illustrate the instructions
  • Want to know how to organize? This is explained for easy setup!
Extra's on the Book DVD

  • More than 1000 pieces of digital scrapbooking art from more than 30 designers! *This alone recoups the cost of the book
  • Coupons from 15 digital/hybrid scrapbooking websites
  • Tags file (use to organize your supplies)

Part 2 of this review coming soon!