Thursday, November 22, 2007

How to Use the Clipping Mask to Create Photo Alphabet

Nuts About You!!

Hybrid Card Ideasby Susan Rodriguez, Creative Team Member

I got this great idea of creating a nuts about you card for my boyfriend. The idea popped into my head after I saw the squirell stamp with a walnut, that I received from Scrap In Style TV’s October ZingBOOM Whimsy Woods Kit. What I decided to do was to take a picture of a bowl of walnuts and convert it into picture text.

Layer 1 will be your picture.

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Layer 2 will be your text.

Now bring the text layer below the picture and press Ctrl-G. This will create a clipping mask.

To give my card an added extra pazzaz I printed the bowl of nuts on a transparency. All you have to do is bring the opacity down to about 50% and print the picture out.

I love that technique, don’t you? You can use any picture and some fancy text to create some great customized alphabets.

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