Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to Scan a Drawing to Make into a Hybrid Paper-Piecing

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Make the Most of Your Monthly Kit:

Modify Elements to Fit your Project

by Michele Ciola, Creative Team Member

Ever have the perfect kit for your project but maybe one element isn’t exactly the right color or size? Here is a unique way to adjust certain kit accents to fit your next project.

You will need:

SIStv Zingboom October Kit
Googly Eyes
Sewing Machine with white thread
Scotch Tape
Photo editing program
Piece of Felt

In this tutorial I will show you how to modify the adorable Zingboom kit owl to look like this:

This technique was so much fun to do and is really not complicated at all. First you will need to cut your owl into pieces as shown.

NOTE: Be sure to cut out the individual eyes patches after you have the template for the head.

Then trace your owl pieces onto one piece of cardstock or other heavyweight material using a dark black marker. Be sure to trace all pieces on the same cardstock as a whole.

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Scan the owl and save. Using Photoshop, simply bring your scan in and adjust the size accordingly. For a quick way to adjust, use your edit - free transform tool. Hold the shift key as you adjust to keep the dimensions proportionate.

Reprint the template in the new size. So simple!

Next choose your coordinating papers for the wings, head, belly and finally the eyes. Cut pieces using the new template.

Now for the sewing.

Starting with one wing simply place scotch tape on the back to hold the wing to the body and sew using a zigzag stitch. Peel off tape from the back. Repeat for the other wing. Once the wings are done, sew on the head. Your little owl is taking shape now!

Next glue the eye patches on and using the original design as a guide, simply draw the circles for the black patches underneath the eye. Glue your cute little googly eyes and beak in place and you have a sweet little customized owl!!

Here is the project I created using my patchwork owl.

Now let’s see what type of patterns you can come up with! Can’t wait to see them.

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