Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How to Use our Free Kit to Create a Birthday Thank You Card

Birthday Thank You Card Tutorial

Featuring the October 7th Free Kit from EDS Creative Team

How-to by Sarah B. Meyer

Anytime you receive a birthday gift you can't forget to say thanks! Make an extra special thank you card using a picture of the recipient enjoying the gift or just having a great time!

I've used the EDS Birthday kit and made this a 4x6 page for easy printing and mailing 300ppi for printing or resize to 72ppi for emailing.

These screenshots are from Photoshop CS3.

1. Open a 300ppi canvas that is 4 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Pull in all the materials you want to use on to your canvas. I've used my own butterfly sticker and Sara Amarie's light blue paper.

2. Bring in your photo and resize/crop as desired. I added a 17px white inner stroke to the photo as shown in the screenshot below. I also added a slight drop shadow to the photo.

3. Rotate with Free Trasform (Ctrl+T) and move into desired position.

4. With the Type tool (T) add a title and your message. I used Pea Stacy and Pea Shirley for the fonts.

5. My page still needed a little accessorizing, so I brought in some stitched rickrack by Amy Duquette (Digi-Mac Designs), placed it at the corners and added a slight drop shadow.

6. That's it! You can print it yourself of with your favorite photo processor, or reduce the Image Size (Alt+Ctrl+I) and save it as a jpg to email!

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