Thursday, September 13, 2007

Discover How to Create A Desktop Background for Your Computer

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Creating Your Own Desktop Wallpaper

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial

by Susan Rodriguez, Creative Team Member

Do you like the wallpapers that come with your computer? Have you ever wanted to create a unique one that fits your personality?

  • Start by making a mental note of any brushes or any digital kits you would like to use for your wall paper.
  • Start by creating a new image with the dimension’s of Width 17, Height 14, resolution 300 (we will reduce the resolution later).
  • I picked out some files that had some fun doodled flower files. If you are using black and white png files color them in just for fun.
  • Once you have completed your image, go ahead and merge all your layers together (Shift-Ctrl-E). Click on Image – Image size. Here you can now reduce your resolution to 72.

Save your image and now it’s ready to be added as your wallpaper.

Here is a screenshot of what my desktop looks like at work. Very fitting for the owl to be pointing at my work files don’t you think?

Tip: Add a calendar to make your wallpaper seasonal!
If you feel inspired, please be kind and let Susan know you appreciated her tutorial!

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