Wednesday, August 08, 2007

5 Simple Steps To a Rockin' Altered Frame

Digital Tutorial for Home Decor by Cammy Plummer,

Former Creative Team Member

This is a re-post. The original posting was October 2006.
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Instructions for Photoshop Elements

  1. Create a new document to fit your frame.
  2. Select a background and add to document.
  3. Use shapes to arrange ovals and rounded rectangles.
  4. Lay photos over top and group with shapes (Ctrl + G).
  5. Add elements and words that will fit the theme.
  • Convert photos to black and white for a unified look.
  • If your frame is larger than 12 inches long, create the document at 200 dpi to keep your program running quickly. You will still get a crisp, clear print.

Pattern paper: Michelle Colemen, Savoir Faire (red and black);
Michelle Underwood, Live Out Loud (newspaper print)
Heart and flower shapes: Karen Hunt, Funky Doodle Hearts
Star shape: Cammy Plummer
Buttons: Robin Carlton, Fudge Dream Supreme

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