Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday's Tutorial

Creating An Altered Magnet Board

Teacher's Gift Tutorial

by Susan Rodriguez, Creative Team Member
Susan Rodriguez

Supply list
  • 1 sheet of sheet metal 8 x 12 (I found mine at my local Home Depot in the roofing department – and who says Scrapbookers don’t like Home Depot? ?)
  • 1-2 sheets of scrapbooking paper or your own printed digital paper
  • 1 picture of your favorite teacher to alter in Photoshop
  • Glue stick of your choice
  • Some embellishments
  • Xyron 510 with Laminate/Magnet cartridge
  • Paper cutter

I took my picture and deleted the background around the body.

I then took the picture and added some fun elements using some fun doodled fonts and that is what I used for my fun elements. Here I used 2 Peas Sidewalk Art and 2Peas Pixie Props.

I printed out the picture on 4x6 photo paper. I cut around the picture and then ran it through my Xyron 510, with the Laminate/Magnet cartridge, to create a magnet out of the picture. Then take your 12 x 8 sheet of sheet metal and bend it back about 4 inches to create a standing frame.

Take your sheet metal and smear your glue stick all over it. Paste down your paper and make sure your paper adheres to the sheet metal. Once you do that take your 4 corners and cut of that corner in the shape of a triangle Try not to get to close to the corner edge. For the bent portion cut in the shape of a triangle but do not tear off. See image below for examples.

Continue gluing down all edges until all sides are glued down. Add some embellishments to the front of the magnet board to create a fun gift. Here is my completed project.

The possibilities are endless with these fun gifts. You can even create one using all digital elements; imagine the great gifts these will make. If you make one please post a link in the comments section I would love to see what you make.

Please leave a comment if you are inspired by Susan's tutorial! Thanks!!!

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Traci Murphy said...

What a cute idea! Thanks :)

Melissa Bennett said...

Oh that is an awesome idea!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

well, that is me in the tutorial! i LOVE LOVE LOVE my gift! and today- i used this tutorial in my classroom and my students made these gifts for their mommies for mother's day! they loved the activity! thanks for such a great idea! love you! oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Colleen E said...

Nice job Bucket! Wish I would've known about this a month ago (it takes kindergartners a LONGGG time to finish any project) - but this would've been great. I'll tuck it away for next year's Jogathon craft project or Mom's Day gift! Perfect.