Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Going Freestyle with Folded Paper Tutorial

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Tutorial by Angela Spangler, Creative Team Member

Freestyle Week
Angela Spangler

For this layout, I just looked for fun elements, and threw them on the page. I tried to just have fun and used embellishments that I loved. Who cares if the rules of design are followed? Love what you do, and do what you love!

I did leave white space on the layout so that it wouldn't be too cluttered. Also, make sure that the photo isn't lost in all the cluttery goodness.

How to use a Folded Paper Template

I used Karah Fredrick's Folded Corner Template Set 4, available at www.thedigichick.com

1. Open up the PSD file in Photoshop. In the Layers Palatte, you'll see a separate layer for each part of the fold.

2. Open up any paper you want to be shown in the fold. The folded pieces are going to be the other side of your background paper, so you might want the new paper to coordinate with the background paper already on your layout.

3. In the Layers Palatte of the template, select the layer you want your paper to be place on TOP of. This will ensure that when you paste your paper on the template, it will go above that part of the template.

4. Copy your paper and paste it to the template. Then press CTRL+G to lock it to that layer. Now the paper is only showing where that layer is.

5. Do the same thing with each layer of the template.

The template can be rotated to fit your particular layout.

The last thing to do is go to Layer > Merge Visible. Then you can copy it to your layout. The possibilities are endless!

Credits for the tutorial: It's a Spring Thing Kit by Eve Recinella

Paper and black and white ribbons: Dani Mogstad
Stars: Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Folded Paper Template: Karah Fredicks
Stitching: Dani Mogstad
Felt Heart: Fee Jardine
Cardboard Flower: Amanda Rockwell
Multicolored stitching: Amanda Rockwell
Flower Stamp: Amber Clegg
Beauty paper strip and swirl stamp, flower doodle, doodle lines: Fee Jardine
Tape: Corina Nielson
Jeweled paper clip: Kimberly Giarrusso
Dotted vellum paper: Junkitz (scanned in)
Paint strokes: Fee Jardine and Meredith Fenwick
Alpha Stamps: Lisa Whitney
Font Hootie; Minion

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Julie Ann Shahin said...

I love this! Thanks Angela!!!