Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Mystery of Creating Flow in Scrapbook Design Revealed

Flow and the Letter Z

Scrapbooking Design Tutorial

by Julie Kelley, Creative Team MemberJulie Kelley

When planning your scrapbook pages, you want to have a "Flow." Your eyes want to travel across the page and find all the beautiful pictures and elements that you so carefully placed.

Creating a layout that roughly follows the letter "Z" gives your eyes a distinct path to follow as they travel across the page.

  • In this layout, I wanted the photo to be large so that the expression on their faces was clear.

  • I set the photo off center, and placed the title, journaling, and accents so that your eye will start at the top left with the set of 3 brads, and end on the bottom right with another set of 3 brads.

  • Notice the movement as you scan throught the layout. The first set of brads gives your eye a starting point, then the title gets you across the page.

  • The flower accents then lead you to the photo, where the children are looking in the direction of the next set of flowers.

  • From there the journaling leads you to the final set of brads to complete the "path."

Layout by Julie Kelley for Everyday Digital Scrapbooking

Layout: Julie Kelley
Digital papers and elements: Berna Datema
Fonts: Batik, Lithos Pro, Crappy Joe, Pottery Barn, Music DBZ, 7 hours, Jane Austen and Big FIsh Ensemble.

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    LVMommy22 said...

    this was a good tip and easy to follow! tfs!
    :) M

    Anonymous said...

    v. interesting. tfs. I'm going to try that. I often wonder what makes some lo's great and others so-so. I've just discovered this site so I'm hoping by reading articles like yours that some of the 'pot-luck' my lo's are subjected to will be replaced by knowledge and skill.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks so much for this interesting tip.
    I am just learning and of course am taking classes, but they don't teach things like this, and my own lo are not that greta yet. Sure glad I found your site.