Thursday, November 16, 2006

EDS Comments Policy

If you are a fan of this blog, please consider leaving us a comment when you see something you like. We get hundreds of visitors, yet my team only knows if we are giving you what you want and like if you tell us. We'd like to give you more of what you really like about this blog.

I would like to set up a policy for leaving comments.

1. We Love It When You Share Your Thoughts
Your comments are just as important as our tutorials. If you've tried a technique and it works or didn't work for you, it adds to everyone's knowledge. Everyone is welcome to leave a comment here whether you are a paper scrapper, or any level of digital scrapper, or thinking of getting into scrapping!

2. Spam Is Not Allowed and Will Be Deleted

3. Relevant Links in Comments is Encouraged
If you have a related link that adds to one of the posts on this blog, feel free to share. This adds to the group knowledge and is welcome.

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